Thursday, 13 of December of 2018


Manufacturing Applications eXperts, Inc. (MAX) is an unique sales and consulting organization that offers a full range of automation solutions.  From Software and Hardware products to fully integrated Solutions and Services, MAX works with its customers to Solve Real Problems in Manufacturing, Distribution and R & D.

MAX does not simply sell products or solutions. Our philosophy is to work with customers to identify and understand their needs, thoroughly explore their options, and then select the best solution to address their needs.

MAX incorporates the customer’s future plans and vision when selecting the appropriate solution. MAX’s goal is to provide automation that not only solves a current problem, but also grows with the customer and advances automation efforts.

MAX develops ongoing relationships with its customers to ensure that changes and advancements in both the manufacturing industry and technology are understood and utilized.  Maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the solutions delivered is a continuous process.